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What is SoNebuntu

SoNebuntu is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu with pre installed tools for Social Network Analyzers.

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What is in SoNebuntu

Tools inside SoNebuntu are in two categories of Social Network Analysis Tools and Web Crawlers.

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More About SoNebuntu

SoNebuntu is a Linux Distribution based on Ubuntu 18.04 which is customized. The needed tools for Social Network Analyzers are included inside this distribution.

SoNebuntu Can be useful for academical projects and reseach centers beside market analyzers and data miners. Tools are in two categories: SNA Tools and Crawler Tools. You can check complete list of tools HERE.

Please support us by donation or voting in DistroWatch.com. Any suggestions are welcome. You can contact me.

Tools inside SoNebuntu

SoNebuntu contains two categories of softwares usually are used by Social Network Analyzers. These tools are separated into two categories of SNA and Crawler Tools. All the tools are available inside Light and Full Versions.


SoNebuntu is presented in two version. Light and Full version, in which light version is basen on Ubuntu Minimum CD and only has the essential packages.

Light Version

  • Desktop: xUbuntu
  • Extra Packages: None
  • Image Size: 2.3 GB

Full Version

  • Desktop: Unity
  • Extra Packages: Office Tools, Ubuntu Desktop Packages
  • Image Size: 3.7 GB


You can download SoNebuntu live ISO by torrent. You can add the following magnet link to your preferred Torrent downloader.

Support SoNebuntu

You can support us by means of either donation to this project or by voting to SoNebuntu in DistroWatch. For next release, we think of making a repository for SoNebuntu.

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Contact Us

This project belongs to Mir Saman Tajbakhsh and is created due to his PhD. Thesis entitled Hash Tag Recommendation in Social Networks based on Semantic Similarity Methods. You can reach him at contact section of his personal website.
Alternatively, you can send email to the mail address of SoNebuntu account: sonebuntu [AT] mstajbakhsh [.] ir.

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You can contact to Mir Saman Tajbakhsh at Urmia University of Technology.
Band Road, 2 km
Urmia University of Technology
Urmia, Iran